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Mail Check

Whether you own a second home on Bonaire, are a seasonal resident or will just be gone for an extended period of time, Crown Property Care offers a mail check service to ensure your mail is protected. Mailboxes are often a target for vandalism which can impact your finances, contribute to identity theft and affect your credit. Additionally, having a lot of mail in your mailbox is a common indication that the occupants are away, which increases the risk of break-ins.
FEE: Every client has different needs and we will customize our service and pricing accordingly.

  • Check mail weekly
  • Place mail in client’s house
  • Scan mail and email to client (if client requests)
  • Deliver mail to someone on Bonaire (e.g. accountant) at the direction of the client
    • Daily
    • Biweekly (2x/week)
    • Every other week mail check
    • Monthly