Property Services with a Personal Touch

Let Crown Property Care take the stress, tasks and time-consuming maintenance responsibilities off your plate and provide you with a high level of client and service focused support.  We offer the following support services to assist you in managing your rental properties or your private home.


Cleaning Management

- $25 / hour


  • Meet your cleaning crew at the home
  • Give cleaning instructions if needed
  • Inspect after cleaning is complete
  • Report to client

Cleaning Services

- $15 per hour


  • My team will clean per your instructions
  • Cleaning instructions provided to the team
  • Inspect after cleaning is complete
  • Report to client

Repairs and Maintenance Management

- $25 per hour

  • Get repair specifications from client
  • Contact contractor (our selected and trusted contractors or client’s contractor choice)
  • Meet contractor and give instructions regarding the problem and client’s desire for type of solution and repair
  • Protect surfaces and furniture near work area from dirt or damage
  • Make sure work area is clean after work is completed
  • Type of repair projects managed:
    • Air conditioning
    • Painting
    • Appliances
    • Pool projects
    • Doors and woodwork
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Roof leaks
    • Garden projects
    • Other light construction
  • Report to client

Guest Meeting and Departure

- $25 per hour

  • Meet guests at the home after they arrive
  • Explain how things work in the home/answer questions about Bonaire shopping, safety, tourist sites, etc.
  • Check guests out, take the keys, and look for any damages
  • Report to client

Laundry Management

 - $25 per hour, plus laundry expenses

  • Check list of laundry items
  • Pick up laundry and check against check list
  • Take laundry to Laundry service
  • Return laundry to home and organize/store

Supplies Management

 - $25 per hour, plus costs

  • Grocery shop
  • Propane
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Report to client
  • Other needs