Property Services with a Personal Touch

If you are like most homeowners or business owners, you don’t clean your windows as often as you should. If you do not have a cleaning service or if your service does not offer window cleaning, Crown Property Care is your go-to company for all your window cleaning needs.

  • As a homeowner, we know how valuable your time is and we provide superior window cleaning to let you sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful views of Bonaire!
  • As a business owner, we know you have important business matters to focus on, yet you want to present a professional image, improve the work quality environment and let the natural Bonaire sunlight shine through.

FEE: Every client and property are different. Pricing is based on the number of windows, the number of panes, size of windows, screens, and current condition (dirt). We will provide a free estimate and satisfaction guarantee.

  • Clean windows, screens, sills, tracks and frames with soapy solution
  • Squeegee windows to remove water from the pores of the glass
  • Wipe/dry window frames, sills and tracks
  • Interior floors protected
  • Exterior and plants protected
  • Identify damaged screens and report to owner. If the owner would like us to coordinate the repair of screens see ADDITIONAL SERVICES
  • Identify windows that need sealing and caulking and report to owner. Sealing and caulking is the best way to prevent leaky windows and water damage. We can provide caulking services, (see ADDITIONAL SERVICES) or refer you to our trusted vendor.
  • Paint removal, hard water stains or excessively dirty windows may require additional charge
  • Windows with grilles or mullions may require an additional charge
  • Additional Services (Additional fee):
    • Screen Repairs
      • We will measure windows and doors for replacement screens to get an estimate
      • We will take the screens in for repair, pick-up and reinstall -or-
      • We can coordinate the on-site repair with our skilled and trusted vendor
    • Sealing and Caulking Repairs
      • We will remove the old caulk and install new caulking -or-
      • We can coordinate the on-site repair with our skilled and trusted vendor
  • Window Maintenance Program: sign up for this program to have a window cleaning schedule that keeps your windows looking clean all year! The more you use our window cleaning service, the more affordable each cleaning becomes.
    • Interior and exterior cleaning every six (6) months
    • Interior and exterior cleaning every three (3) months